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Idle mind drops new song "Lost Faith" and announce ep "HURT"

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Lost Faith is the 4th single from the up coming ep. The song kicks off up beat and in your face and going right into a chorus heat an power. The lyrics say it all, starting with “I stopped praying years ago” instantly gives you the vibe of the song, as if the title couldn’t make it clear.

My favorite thing about lost faith is the fact that it keeps steady high energy from start to finish. It has a perfect blend of bouncy and heavy… I’m also stoked on it because It’s the song that I had most influence on the EP..” - Billy Snedegar
I love that my band trusts me enough to write about subject matter that isn’t your run of the mill shit. Lost faith is a song I’ve wanted to put out for a long time and I’m glad I get to talk about how I lost my faith..” - Luke Nagy

The writing process for the song started with Billy (drums) writing the almost the entire song, drums wise, before any guitar was laid down. Ryan (guitar) knew exactly what he wanted when he heard the drum tracks and wrote all the guitar for the song in two days. After very minor tweaks here and there, it was handed off to Luke (vocals). After listening to it countless times, he decided it was "in your face" enough to touch on a subject matter that the band believes in very strongly. The band as a whole are not religious, and some of the members like to speak publicly about this. After a few re-writes the lyrics for Lost Faith were born. Little to no changes were made whilst recording with Nick Loiacono at Fang studios. The decision to add RJ Randal on the track was unanimous since he is in one of Reno’s heaviest bands, Sadist, and this is the heaviest song Idle Mind has to date. The band hopes to spread the message that you don’t need religion to be a good person, but also doesn’t hate anyone who chooses to follow a faith.

I`m just super stoked that we are able to finally put a track out with the homies in Sadist. this was the perfect opportunity for it and I`m glad we capitalized and made it happen.” - Ryan Adams
I don`t know if I like it for any of the right reasons. because I like the skittley wooop and I like the bee boo in the intro and it heavy” - Tony Deputy

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